Firm Overview

Pope & Schrader, LLP is a small, but aggressive law firm based in Binghamton, New York. Pope & Schrader, LLP provides quality, success oriented legal services. When a client hires a partner from our law firm, the client is assured of the personal attention by that partner.

Pope & Schrader, LLP is deeply committed and fully adaptable to the needs of our corporate, municipal and individual clients. One of the reasons for our success is that the attorneys and our staff are dedicated to maintaining close personal contacts and timely communications with our clients in order to better serve their needs.

Each partner at Pope & Schrader, LLP brings a particular expertise to the law firm. Alan J. Pope is a graduate civil engineer and has over twenty-five years experience in construction, corporate, commercial, municipal, real estate and the general practice of law. Alan Pope is a highly successful experienced litigator in the Federal and State Courts, and acts as local counsel for many larger law firms. Kurt D. Schrader has over twenty-five years experience in matrimonial, domestic relations, real estate, personal injury, municipal, and the general practice of law. Kurt Schrader’s success is directly related to his unique abilities and skills to listen to his clients, to understand the individual needs of his clients, and to achieve those individual goals or needs.